Are You Going On A Long Drive This Holiday Season?

Planning to go on a long drive trip this time? Whether you are going to a far away getaway or even to visit some of your relations in another city, you need to keep this long drive tips in your mind to ensure that you have a peaceful journey with lots of fun and also most importantly in better and safe conditions of your vehicle.

Check your car first

The first way to be safe is to check your vehicle and see whether it’s in ready conditions for a long drive. Make sure the tires are in good conditions, your batter is charged and also you have full tank gas. If you don’t have enough gas, then remember to stop at a gas station and get it filled. Also, if you need to change your car batteries, check for trustworthy cheap car batteries at Adelaide in the local shops. You can also get these services to your doorstep instead of travelling.

Travel smart

You don’t want your trip to be a boring one. So, pack all the things that will keep you entertained while you are on the road but make sure to keep them in good levels so the driver is not interrupted.

Take all the snacks you like to munch whenever you feel hungry, also other meals that you have prepared. You can also stop at different shops to buy whatever the beverages and meals you need. If you are taking little ones with you, then take their toys, story books, and other essentials.

You can have a movie screen fixed in the vehicle, so you can watch a movie when you travel. Sometimes all you need is a good book to keep company.

Before you start your trip

Take a good nap before you start driving, specially the driver. Also, you need to have a balanced diet. It’s not so essential to fill your tummy with coffee. But it’s important you avoid all alcoholic beverages which can make you sleepy. Another is, check for the traffic in the area. Whether there are any shortcuts, places you need to stop and visit, the weather and the areas driving laws should be checked as well.

Stop often

You might want to stop often to buy things to munch, for tea, to have a brunch or even to go the washrooms. Not just for that, but if you see a cool place to sit and relax, then go for it. Specially, if you might be tired after driving all that way so you want to rejuvenate yourself. Or even by a playground, so your kids can have some fun. Check for places like this you will meet along the way. You can also see for good shopping malls, art galleries, landmarks and also restaurants in the area.

A Holiday With A Difference

For most of us, our annual holidays can be pretty routine and in some ways slightly boring. Therefore it can be very exciting to step out of our comfort zones and our boundaries and take a holiday that is very different from the rest of the holidays that you have taken. However, you will need to plan well ahead and make a note of your budget for your holiday. You will also need to buy all the essentials that you need for your holiday well ahead of time.

Take a camping trip

A camping trip can be a very exciting adventure for you and your family and it can be one of the best experiences that you have ever had. This said however, if you have not prepared well ahead for it, it could also turn out to be one of the worst experiences you have ever had and therefore it is important to be well prepared before going out camping especially if you have children with you. One of the most important things you need to remember is that you will be out in the wilderness and therefore you may not be able to drive back in a rush in case of an emergency and therefore it is important for you to have all emergency numbers you need with you in case of an emergency. It is important for you to have the number for a campervan repairs company a medical services company that will arrive at your location if needed and any other emergency numbers that are needed.

It is important for you to remember to take sufficient night lighting as you will be in the dark with no electricity and this can be a challenge for those of you that are accustomed to modern conveniences. Having a bright light with you will also help to repel insects and other animals present. You will also need to have emergency campervan repair tools in case your repair company is not able to come to you in time or in case the repairs needed are not too serious and do not need the services of a professional.

In addition to these things, it is important that you have protection against mosquitoes and possible leeches. It is best for you to take long sleeve tops and long pants to protect yourself from mosquitoes but it is also important for you to have citronella oil with you that will work to repair the mosquitoes from coming near you.

The Importance of Routine Vehicle Servicing By Authorized Centers


Cars have become an important part of our lives and we are totally dependent on them every single day. It is hardly difficult to imagine your family and personal life without this popular mode of transportation. Hence, it is very important and vital to take good care of the vehicle in order to offer you trouble free and smooth shunting from your office to work place or to enjoy long trips with your family. You should carry out periodic check up of your cars in order to have it in perfect running condition.

Servicing shops

If you own BMWs, then it is vital that you take it to BMW service centre in Perth once every 5 to 6 months to carry out a periodic check on it. Regular checkups must also be done by you with regards to screen washer fluid replacement, oil level checks, brake fluid checks, water coolant, etc. By carrying out periodic checks you will be minimizing the chances of sudden breakdowns of your vehicle. This way you will also save a lot of money on your vehicle maintenance.

Choosing a dependable servicing business

It is vital that you look out for the genuine and reliable BMW service centre in your area to get your vehicle serviced. They will have certified and trained professionals to do a perfect job on your vehicle. They will be passionate and dedicated in their job and will carry out necessary repair jobs on the vehicle to make it perform at its optimal best. You need to take a lot of time and do thorough research in finding the most suited auto repairing centers’ for your vehicle.

Why certified garages?

• The certified auto garages are the most suited option when it comes to servicing your vehicles.

• They will have all the right kind of tools, equipment and auto testing and diagnostic machines to do a perfect job on your vehicle.

• By connecting the car’s engine and electrical parts to the auto diagnostic machines, they can easily find out the problem with your vehicle within no time.

• This will give you an exact idea of what is causing the trouble to your vehicle and what needs to be fixed to correct the current problem.

• They will never go ahead changing the parts or carrying out repairing the vehicle without getting your consent.

• They will offer you a proper estimation of the cost of the servicing as well as give you the time and date when the job would be completed.


No matter you need regular vehicle maintenance or need to fix major issues on your vehicle it is ideal that you hire authorized specialists to do the job for you.