Car Batteries- The Power To Your Vehicle

Car batteries are rechargeable batteries that supply electrical energy to your vehicle. Usually they are referred as the SLI battery (starting, lighting, and ignition) that powers the starter motor, the ignition system and the lights of your car’s engine. Visit this link if you are looking for right car batteries.

The same goes for the motorcycle batteries which are 12-volt and made of a plastic case containing six cells. Each cell is set and made of a negative and positive plate immersed in the diluted sulfuric acid known as electrolyte with a voltage of 2.1 volt on being fully charged. When these six cells are connected together they produce a charge of approximate 12.6 volts. They come in two types:Conventional, the old-fashioned which required to be kept full of distilled water and had to be checked frequently for electrolytes.Excess vibration and heat can damage the battery also. The other is the maintenance-free type, which is also in two variants- regular and gel. The cases of these batteries are completely sealed and are valve regulated equipped with a stainless steel terminal bolt that does not rust or corrode. As they vary in sizes you have to choose the right one. The difference in the conventional and gel battery is obvious they use gel. The advantage- even if the case breaks the gel will not leak out. The gel battery also provides greater resistance towards vibration and heat. 

Even our commercial vehicles require powerful range of accessories not just for the inside but the outer also. Whether they have to be used on the road, job site or the farm, the battery is what starts them and the durability to last is the most important part which makes truck batteries vital. When your work depends on your truck, construction equipment or tractor for your daily bread, there is no time for breakdowns. Heavy-duty batteries are ideal for long-hauls, to stay in power off-road or construction vehicles for farms, marines or industrial applications that help you meet your demand.

Deep-cycle batteries are lead-acid batteries that are designed to supply regular deep discharge using optimum capacity. In contrast to the starter batteries, which are designed to deliver shorter, high-current bursts on cracking the engine frequently discharging small parts of capacity. As they use very low cranking amps to imply as to what the oversized battery requires, makes it ideal for an option for starter battery. Designed to discharge capacity between 50% to 80% (depending on the manufacturer and the batteries construction), the discharge can be cycled down to 20% with the best lifespan against the cost method being the average cycle of about 50% of discharge. The direct correlation between the number of charges, depth of batteries discharge and the discharge cycle depends on the performance.

Supercharge Batteries have been the proud distributors for trucks, car batteries and boats since 1984. All their products are made by using the market lead technology of Expanded Grid (EXG), that helps supercharge the leader in distributing maintenance-free car batteries all across the Oceania region. Being ISO 9002 and TUV certified they declare to be batteries.

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Choosing Between A New And A Used Car

It is really difficult to decide whether you want a new car or a used car. There are many options to buy as various types of models are available in the market. It is always true that buying a car is not a type of investment as over times the real value of the car depreciates. You need to know the basic reason behind buying a car and then you can make decisions easily.

Advantage of a new car:

Buying a car is quite easy than to maintain it, so when you are buying a car you get a warranty period for it. In the first couple of years there is basically no need of repairs, you just have to get a regular servicing and maintenance cost. Choose short term loan period and ask the dealer to get the best interest rate as well as offers. You can also search for discount new cars online to find great deals. Newer car means newer technology which means better mileage, comfort, interior, look etc. and these are the primary advantages of buying a new car.

Disadvantages of a new car:

When you buy a new car and drive for a few years, the real value depreciates and you can never get back that amount. In almost first three to five years a car depreciates the most so when you opt for resale you get a minimum amount. So if you have any plan of reselling it, then it is not a good idea to buy a new car. However, if you can find good deals of discount new car then you can go for the same as you can save a considerable amount of money.

Advantages of a used car:

The greatest advantage you get is to buy a car in its minimum value because someone already has given that amount from his pocket. Though you are buying a second hand car, but there are ways to get bank loans and in some cases with zero interest rate. You do not have to think about the depreciation cost and you can resale it after using several years in almost for that amount which you have paid.

Disadvantages of a used car:

When you buy a used car, you cannot rely on its efficiency and you have to pay money for its regular repair. There are offers from the manufacturers to buy their old cars. Over days technology is improving so buying a too old car is just wastage of money.

But a used car which is not more than 3 to 5 years is not that bad as it does not need repair. Some are really good as they give maximum usage for as long as ten years and you do not have to worry about repairs.

Secured and Reliable Car Parking In Airports


Undercover car parking area is a place where we can leave our car during long time travels. These car parks can be multi stored, underground. Using this airport undercover car parking, cars can be parked easily and unloading luggage check-in is hassle free. The car will be safe and secured during the parking period. The luxury of arriving and leaving the airport is as per our convenience without trouble in parking. Most of the people who care for their cars prefer undercover parking to park the car so that they can have relaxed and stress less journey without worrying about their car. Even valet parking service is provided in undercover parking where the drivers are available to pick and drop us to the terminals any time along with our baggage. Such airport car parking services are much more helpful when we are travelling with kids and elder people especially. Special automated tracks are provided for the old age people from parking areas to the terminals. We cannot manage well without these facilities.

The process to book an undercover parking is so simple. Customer can enter the day, dates and time when they want to park the car and also they can select the choice of parking area online. By filling all these details and submitting, we will get a booking reference and confirmation about the parking after paying the charges through online itself. These prices may vary depending on the demand of parking areas. Perth regional terminal parking is totally secured including the undercover parking areas and long term car parking areas. Cars parked will be taken care of at owner’s absence when left without placing them in the airport car parking areas. For an efficient and integrated parking, automated system should be implemented which allows quick entry and exit to the travelers which help them to move fast without any delays.

Airport car parkings not only provide convenience to the passengers but also earn good revenue to the airports. There are enough spaces in the airports to have good parking areas. But the main point is to provide comfort, convenience and security along with safety to both the travelers and car parking operators. It can be a challenge to the airport authorities to allocate the car parkings near to airport complex or to the terminals because of limited space. But it is better to utilize and turn an unusable free area to a useful parking area near to the terminals. VIP parking should be shown separately to satisfy all categories of customers.

The perfect parking control system directs the travelers to free parking spaces. Signs indicate the disabled parking slots in all airport car parkings. There are specially marked and secured spots, reserved for women. Always 24 X 7 help is maintained and managed to satisfy the customers any time. Parking fee calculator helps us to calculate expected parking fee .Innovative services and systems are developed for perfect airport car parking management to satisfy all types of customers as per their requirements and conveniences.